This is a short summary of differences between WCF and .NET Remoting when they are used to control a Windows service. Complete article is found here: Complete code examples for WCF and Remoting are […]

It makes things so simple, I really wish other languages had it. Today in five or six places I wrote something like _innerObject?.Dispose(); instead of if (_innerObject != null) _innerObject.Dispose(); […]

SendGrid e-mail server silently converts plain text e-mails to HTML, losing line breaks in the process. They have some reasoning on why this is a good idea, but I do believe […]

In ECMA Script 6 toString() function can throw an exception. This makes generating debug output a treacherous minefield. In all other languages I know toString() on built-in objects is safe, and […]

We have added some Reactive Extensions support to our software. All went well until it went into the automated build. Nuget version could not handle System.Reactive.Core package: it would […]